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Take a glimpse into this first-ever online course that introduces concepts of natural alignment and a step-by-step guide to how to inhabit your body according to its natural design.

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This course is for you if you:

  • struggle with posture-related pain 
  • are concerned about shrinking posture as you age
  • are a health professional , yoga teacher, or fitness instructor and you wish to empower your patients, clients, or students with tools for how to help themselves more effectively.

Learn basic rules of postural mechanics

Learn how to sit, stand, bend, walk, reach, lift, carry—even sleep
in ways that relieve chronic stress and free you from stiffness and pain. Apply these basic principles in all your daily activities—working at a computer, driving a car, carrying laundry, bending to tie your shoes, or running a race.

Enjoy lifetime access to every aspect of the course

Receive ten weekly lessons in your inbox, after which you'll have access to them forever
. Changing old habits requires repetition, and you'll be able to return to the lessons as often as you like in the months and years ahead if looking for a review.

You'll also receive all future additions and updates to the course at no additional cost.

Help yourself—and learn how to help others, too!

This course is for anyone who struggles with chronic stiffness or pain, or who is concerned about aging posture
. It provides essential information for health professionals who want to know how to empower their patients, and fitness and yoga instructors who want to assure safety in movement and more authentically natural strength and flexibility. 

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If this course is not a good fit for your needs or doesn't suit you for any reason, we will gladly refund your purchase price 100% within the first 30 days. No hoops. Just ask.

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Here's just some of what's included in this online course

  • How to rely on aligned bones for support, rather than overworked muscles that must struggle to compensate for misalignment.
  • How to free your spine, protect your joints, and move with far greater ease.
  • How to engage your real core in order to stabilize your spine and upright posture.
  • How to empower your patients, clients, and students to know how to take charge of how they feel.
  • How to safely play sports, practice yoga, and exercise and workout in ways that retrain natural movement patterns.
  • How to cultivate a greater capacity for mindfulness while improving your posture. 


"Kathleen Porter's insights about skeletal alignment are destined to change the way we think about and inhabit our bodies."

- Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Bestselling author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom


Pain-Free Living with Natural Posture


Welcome & Introduction: 

Sitting, Part 1

The Core of the Matter

Comfy Shoulders, Happy Neck

Sitting, Part 2


Meet Your Feet



Lying Down

The Role of Mindfulness


Testimonials for Online Course, Classes & Workshops

"At 67, I was experiencing neck, shoulder, and knee pain that worsened with age and seemed chronic. Taking Kathleen Porter’s 5-Week Alignment Basics workshop changed my life. The pain melted away, along with what felt like a lifetime’s worth of stored tension. I began performing life’s daily activities—bending, stooping, climbing stairs, reading in bed—in total comfort again. Thank you, Kathleen!"

Martha Ragland
Portland, OR

"You are a fantastic communicator and teacher! THANK YOU for all the beautiful and accessible lessons. My body especially thanks you!"

Myrna Schlegel
Ogallah, KS

"I took a 5-day workshop with Kathleen at the Omega Institute. Phenomenal. Now whenever I notice I'm stressed or in some unpleasant mood state, I check out my alignment. Repositioning my bones brings an immediate feeling of relief and relaxation. As a shrink, I ask myself if some of the symptoms my patients experience could be caused by the constant muscle tension of living in an unaligned body."

Daniela Gitlin, M.D.
Plattsburgh, NY

"No surgery! Can you imagine?! I am so grateful we were put in the same place so I could benefit from this pain-free way of living. The depth and breadth of this presentation is by far the best I have ever seen. You have mastered the art of communicating the information. Just by the common sense of its architecture, the body becomes the star! Thank you again and again!"

Mia Flato
Portland, OR

"I highly recommend this course for everyone. “I have experienced a number of body work modalities but in this workshop I learned numerous new and/or better ways to maintain a healthy musculo-skeletal system into old age. "

Ann Ostling
Queens, NY

"In spite of a lengthy yoga practice, I was still in pain. Kathleen seemed to have a new approach, so I signed on. This has been the most valuable workshop I have ever taken, and I hope it will be repeated here at Omega next year. Everything immediately made sense and I have been feeling an enormous release from my chronic pain."

Nancy Cavanaugh
New York, NY

"Excellent!! The biomechanics of the course, coupled with her passion and grace made this the best! "I encourage more courses from her for she inspires easy, wonderful learning."

John Metcalf, Ph.D, M.D.
Pittsburgh, PA

"I hope Kathleen Porter's work becomes essential training for everyone at every stage of life. After years of studying various kinds of bodywork in order to correct my scoliosis, in these 5 days, I’ve learned profound yet simple, easy to apply tools that have virtually relaxed my spine and posture almost overnight. This information should be essential training for all spiritual centers, including Omega staff, teachers and students alike. How can we grow spiritually and psychologically without understanding how to relax, let go, and comfortably inhabit our bodies—our vehicles throughout this life?! If this training was incorporated into public schools and yoga training, our society would discover a whole new comfort and ease with ourselves. This was an excellent workshop. Thank you!"

Sarah Smucker
Orville, OH

"I would recommend this course to everyone. “Kathleen’s presentation was excellent. She was approachable and very informative, organized and articulate. Very interesting! I will use this on a daily basis to improve my alignment and help avoid future problems."

T. Nicholas
Jopin, MO

"Kathleen's teaching is revolutionary. She states a case that could change the Western world (and should!) The way she presents things is very inviting, comprehensive, and she never leaves a stone unturned. She is non-judgmental and answered every question with profound wisdom. Thank you!"

Patra Conley
Portland, OR

"I cried when I realized I could really feel better. After two back surgeries I was still in almost constant pain. I thought I was fated to be this way forever. I didn’t see much point in doing this because nothing else I had tried did much good, but my husband insisted after meeting Kathleen. Kathleen showed me how I could straighten my spine and take pressure off the areas of pain."

Tracy Maddox
Portland, OR

"I have been able to get in touch with my body over the past 7 weeks. The various exercises have helped me at work, at home, during exercise (walking, stretching, Tai Chi) and even sleeping."

John Hoover
Portland, OR

"I will never again have to trade pain for growing flowers. I can’t thank you enough! I worked in my yard all day yesterday and felt energized afterwards instead of stiff and sore."

Lily Underwood
Beaverton, OR

"It works every time. The only thing hard about this is remembering to do it all the time, but then familiar old aches return to remind me to pay attention. "

Bill Underwood
Beaverton, OR

"I like knowing that I’m in charge of how I feel. “I have had scoliosis for forty plus years. I’ve always dealt with it through massage and stretching exercises. Once I was in my fifties the pain just got worse and harder to manage. In addition, I had begun to develop arthritis pain and was sometimes in excruciating back pain. Nothing I tried helped for very long. Learning how to begin to equalize the left and right sides of my body and straighten out my very distorted spine has helped so much in how I feel. I know I’ll never straighten it out completely at my age, but the instructions are very useful. "

Marjorie Winston
Seattle, WA

"A lot of tension that I experienced on a daily basis is gone! My husband is thrilled that I don’t bug him for neck massages every day like I used to. Since learning how to stack up my bones, a lot of tension that I experienced on a daily basis is gone! And whenever I start getting tense or sore, I just stop and take the time to notice where I’ve gone astray and can almost always bring myself back to being comfortable again. Thank you many times over!"

Lynnette Holzer
Pahoa, HI

"If my back starts to hurt, I know what to do before it becomes a big problem. I wish I (had) met Kathleen before my back surgery. I learned how to relax my back. This has helped me a lot. Thank you very much."

Teruo Takata
Keaau, HI

"Just the sleeping exercises alone have helped so much. I wake up in the morning with no neck pain! Even my regular headaches have been helped by this new way of sleeping. On top of that, my knock knees (maybe not as knocked anymore!) don’t hurt now when I walk down steps and my back feels better. If I have to stand for a long time, I can do it without my back hurting."

J.D. Goldman
Vancouver, BC

"I’ve not only improved my sciatica problem, but transformed my yoga practice, as well. Who would have guessed that such small and simple adjustments could make such a big difference? I feel like I’m getting younger in significant ways!"

Kit Lawson
Portland, OR

"This was a very enjoyable and rewarding course. It was conducted with grace, wit and good will. I have learned from insights generously shared. I would gladly come back again! Thank you!"

Leo Blokar
Orville, OH

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Frequently Asked Questions

This course is for anyone who wants to improve their posture—whether you experience posture-related stiffness and pain, you injure yourself frequently while engaging in physical activities, or you’re concerned about your posture as you age. If you're a health professional, a fitness instructor, a yoga or Pilates teacher, a parent or classroom teacher, this course will give you the tools needed to help your patients, clients, students, or children.  Anyone and everyone can benefit from learning the information in this course.

No. In fact, this material can be beneficial whether you're an Olympic athlete or you're restricted by stiffness and/or chronic pain. If you're asked to sit on the floor but you cannot, then sit in a chair and picture yourself in your mind's eye—and sense yourself in your body—getting down and back up. Continue to do these mental exercises as you move forward through the lessons. As deep tensions are released, you're likely to find yourself beginning to move in new ways.

Ironically, it's often the most "fit" and "athletic" among us who face the biggest challenges in learning to let go of deeply-held patterns that have been reinforced in their musculature and nervous system.

Wherever you happen to be when you start, it helps to think of making improvements to your posture as an ongoing, unfolding process, rather than a destination you're trying to reach. This is a gradual, unfolding path. Let your goal be to remain mindful of inhabiting your body with the support of aligned bones as many times a day as you can remember. Success will follow!

No problem at all. It's understandable that this approach doesn’t suit everyone. This is why we offer a 14-day money back guarantee. No questions asked.

Starting on the day you sign up, you'll receive instant access to Modules 1 and 2. You'll be given a password and guided through how to log into the platform where the course lives.

You'll be notified each week thereafter that a new module is available. You'll also receive occasional messages whenever future updates are added to the course. (Stay tuned, more lessons are in the works). 

Once completed, your access to the course will be permanent, making it possible for you to review any part of it at any time—forever.

Yes, to a certain extent this is true. I taught natural alignment classes, workshops, and private lessons for over twenty years, and it's certainly helpful having a real-live teacher guiding you through the process.

But here's the thing: In-person lessons are expensive, and when they come to an end, there's little or no opportunity for individually-targeted review, which is often necessary when changing long-standing habits. Moreover, very few people in the world are trained to teach these principles, leaving most people without any options for learning this. 

"PAIN-FREE LIVING WITH NATURAL POSTURE" is a visually rich, comprehensive course that's designed to bridge these gaps. Whether you're learning about natural skeletal alignment for the first time, or you already have a basic understanding of these concepts, this course is intended to provide you with the information and encouragement you need to transform your posture, and to then be able to assist others in doing this, as well. 

As you put these principles into practice, work to develop ongoing curiosity about BEING a solidly strong, yet deeply relaxed body, and you'll soon discover how to become your own best teacher.

One way to consider the value of this course is to consider the difference between having someone else do something to you, rather than you doing something for yourself. Often when we experience pain and discomfort, we get a massage, visit a chiropractor, see an acupuncturist, among others. These visits, while often helpful, can be expensive, and often the results don't last. This online course provides tools for how to inhabit the body with greater awareness of the alignment principles that are likely to free us from these cycles of pain. Is this a quick fix? No. There is no such thing. But when applied and put into practice with growing consistency, we often release ourselves from chronic tension and pain, and save on the expense of getting help from others.

This course is the Standard level, so you’ll be navigating the materials on your own. This is one of the reasons the course is priced as it is, although every effort has been made to be very comprehensive and exacting.

If you find yourself feeling stuck or confused, review the material carefully, and then just keep going forward with subsequent lessons. Progress through the course is not always linear. Some details might make more sense after you've moved further along through the material, at which time you can go back and review earlier questions you might have had. 

Don’t give up! Stay focused and keep practicing. Relax your mind along with your body. Transformation is an ongoing process.

The most common challenge you're likely to face is remembering to mindfully inhabit your body many times a day. Don't beat yourself up if you discover yourself forgetting for long stretches (even days) at a time. The more you do it, the easier it gets.

If, however, you continue to struggle with an ongoing question or issue that you are unable to resolve on your own, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

It’s recommended that you watch the videos in the order they're presented. Absorbing the information shouldn't take more than an hour or so per module, even when stopping to implement what you're learning.

The real work begins after you've absorbed the information, when you MUST make a dedicated effort to pay attention to inhabiting your body/mind with moment-to-moment awareness. Cultivating this skill is the key to your success.

There are no shortcuts to being mindful. When I first began learning this, I wondered how quickly I could  "fix" my posture, so that I could return to being on "cruise control." In other words, how soon could I get back to being unconscious?! I hadn't come to understand yet that this is a lifetime path. 

The good news is that alignment and mindfulness are the perfect partners. While I was a long-time student of mindfulness meditation, focusing my attention on my breath as I sat on a cushion with my eyes closed, it wasn't until I began to focus my attention on something as "concrete" as the alignment of my bones, that my capacity for moment-to-moment awareness while off the cushion grew dramatically. 

Lest I give the wrong impression, I still forget and go unconscious often. The key here is in knowing how to return back "home," and in being willing to do this again and again and again . . . 

Email us at [email protected] and we’ll get you set up. (If you don’t hear from us within 48 hours, please check that our response isn't trapped in your spam folder.)  

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