3 Secrets to                           Freeing Yourself from Chronic Stiffness and Pain 

          Put yourself in charge of how you feel. Learn how to rely on your                       aligned skeleton to rescue your muscles from overworking,     stiffness, and strain.


In this FREE Workshop you'll learn:

The Five Best Benefits of Natural Alignment

(and there are oh-so-many more!)

— 1 —


Learn simple scientific principles that put you on the path of understanding the rules that help you realign your bones according to your innate human alignment

— 2 —


 Discover the most effective and enduring ways you can relieve ongoing stiffness and pain, even if these issues have plagued you for years.

3 —


Natural flexibility, solid strength, and enduring vitality are gradually restored, almost as if by magic, once you inhabit your body in a naturally aligned way.

— 4 —


Symptoms of unnatural aging such as collapsing posture, kyphosis, weak legs and feet, to name a few — and the pain problems associated with these — can often be reversed when put into practice early enough. 

— 5 —


We're all born with a capacity for profound awareness of the sights and sounds that surround us, and the myriad sensations we experience inside our skin. By cultivating qualities of mindfulness once again, we are able to renew our natural capacity for being mindful.



You'll be guided through:

How the Wheels of Alignment Serve as a Roadmap

for diagnosing your own individual postural patterns.

How to Solidly Plant Your Pelvis

for establishing a solid foundation for comfortable, upright sitting.

The Role of Mindfulness in Guiding Your Transformation

and how Alignment and Mindfulness enhance each other.

There are complicated reasons why we don't

already understand these basic principles,

 but, as a society, we don't.

What a game-changer it will be for millions of people

when we finally do.


A personal invitation from Kathleen 

Even as a yoga teacher and massage therapist, I was still plagued with recurring pain. And if I didn't stretch almost every day, my hamstrings and hip flexors began to tighten up again.

That all changed when I learned basic principles of natural alignment at age 48. Fast forward 28 years, and I've taught this in classes and workshops to more people than I can count, traveled to faraway places conducting research, written books and created small, portable posture aid products that have been used in classrooms and corporate offices. 

This free workshop brings together the same basic principles that put me and others on the path of¬†living comfortably and pain-free with easy flexibility and authentic strength‚ÄĒnot to mention energetic vitality‚ÄĒthat continues for me today at age 76 (the photo up-top was taken when I was 74).¬†

I can't wait to share this information with you and lend a hand as you put yourself on the same path that leads you to being the one in charge of how you feel.

The workshop is pre-recorded for your convenience and can be joined at any time that works best for you.

See you  there!


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