• OVERCOME chronic stiffness and pain.

  • ADDRESS concerns about shrinking posture as you age.

(and, if you're a doctor or other health and wellness professional who is dedicated to assisting others with chronic pain . . . )
  • ACQUIRE  tools for helping your patients, clients, or students successfully participate in their own healing.



you struggle with stiffness and/or pain and nothing you've tried before has brought  you the lasting relief you seek.

No matter your age—whether young, older or in-between, whether you've tried exercise-based remedies or various therapeutic treatments, the enduring kind of relief you dream of continues to elude you.

Even when the chronic tension, stiffness or pain you experience does improve somewhat, it always returns. 

To say that you feel discouraged and disheartened, is an understatement.


you wonder if the growing stiffness you experience is connected to your slowly collapsing posture.  

 You're definitely not getting younger, and now you notice you're taking on the stature of a much older person. You wake up feeling stiff each morning, and getting up and down from the floor (or maybe a chair?!) is becoming more of an effort these days.

You worry that you're doomed to keep shrinking with each passing year. SPOILER ALERT:  You're not! 

The GOOD NEWS is it's never too late to make  improvements that matter, even if there's no way to turn back the clock to where you once began.



you're a doctor, health worker or wellness coach, frustrated because you're unable to help some patients/clients find relief from chronic pain. 

You chose the work you do out of a sincere wish to help others. You recognize the benefits of giving your patients, clients or students the tools they need to know how to participate in their own healing.

This is why it's especially disappointing when you find yourself at a loss to know how to assist with resolving chronic pain of unknown cause in those who trust you and turn to you for help.

Doede Donaugh, D.O.              Ka'u Wellness                           Ka'u, Hawai'i


    " I cannot recommend this course highly enough. Kathleen’s teaching is very “learn-able” of something that is SO valuable.

This has helped me considerably!"


I am an Osteopathic (Family) Doctor in Hawai’i, who personally had a spinal injury that led me into studying posture and to Kathleen’s work.

After complete resolution of pain from a herniated disc and moderate spinal stenosis, and as a medical practitioner, I sought to learn more in a way I could effectively teach this to my patients. I signed up for the online course 'Pain-Free Living with Natural Posture' and, not only did I thoroughly enjoy Kathleen’s teaching style, I now feel able to convey this important 'message' to others.

As a D.O. (osteopathic physician), natural posture only makes sense, while perfectly blending structure with function."


     " I cannot express the life changing benefits of the work Kathleen Porter does." I did the course after a crippling back operation that left me with left leg numbness and no reflex in my right knee. I had to use a walker and was advised not to bend or twist.


I am 69 years young and have three beautiful grandchildren and was unable to enjoy being with them. After googling madly, I found Kathleen and started her online course.   

Now I have a wonderful life, walker free, going on picnics, and able to play with my grandchildren. I am leading a normal life again.

I have to pinch myself sometimes to believe that this has happened." 

Kathleen Kairl
Wollongong, Australia



       When you sign up for  

Pain-Free Living with Natural Posture:   



  • You'll be guided through a step-by-step process of learning how to align your bones according to our human design. This is THE KEY to easeful living, since the muscles that attach to your bones can now be naturally elastic, rather than being forced to be either too weak or too tight.

  •  You'll re-discover the strong, yet relaxed, middle way that exists between slouching and tense over-corrected posture. It's likely you once knew this aligned way of being as a small child—so how hard can it be, right?

  •  Your muscles won't complain so much, now that your bones are doing their assigned job of providing the underlying framework of support as Nature intended for them all along.

  •  You'll learn how to apply the basic alignment principles to sitting, standing, walking, bending, lifting, carrying, reaching, and how to incorporate these various actions into everything else you do.

  • You'll be taking that first giant step forward on the path of transforming your body from longstanding habits and patterns of tension, stiffness, pain, disconnection, structural collapse, overcorrection— the list goes on—and you'll discover the freedom that awaits you at the other end of all this.

Your body's design is not random.


     Humans evolved to be comfortable and pain-free, just like all other animal species.


Each vertebrate species has its own design that conforms with laws of physics. Our own upright design requires the human skeleton, particularly our spine, align with laws that govern architecture and engineering.

This explains why this woman—and even many young children throughout the world—are able to carry heavy loads on the heads without strain. The weight of the load is distributed through bones that align along the vertical axis of gravity, or plumb line. 

No one needs to carry a load on their head, but we can learn everyday natural alignment from people who successfully distribute weight through their spines.



    This explains why aligning your own bones 

can be so successful; it addresses the true,

underlying cause of the problem.


Considering all that we already know and understand about the human body, this specific information, has been largely overlooked and misunderstood by researchers and the medical community.

Yet, remarkably, it's what all healthy, well-developing babies and toddlers discover on their own when they're figuring out how to become upright. I kid you not!

And because our human design is based on the most fundamental rules of physics, this is not some new, trendy or made-up approach — it's rooted in Laws of Physics.

Put another way: you can learn to re-inhabit your body according to its innate design for comfortable, strong, and relaxed ease of movement. 

Most chronic stiffness and pain of "unknown cause" is the result of this widespread misunderstanding of how Nature's rules apply to ourselves. 

As for all those other approaches you've tried that, even when they've brought some relief, they usually have to be repeated regularly because the underlying cause—skeletal misalignment—persists.


Only by transforming yourself from the inside out, can you find enduring relief!

No one else can do it  FOR you — or TO you.

But first, you have to learn the details of how it's done!


"Wow! This makes so much sense!"

I hear this all the time when people first grasp these concepts. And it's true, it does make perfect sense that we humans who live in technologically advanced places in the world, in spite of our remarkable accomplishments, have also lost our way and forgotten essential aspects of our connection with the natural world that some people still manage to retain quite naturally.

What a giant game-changer it is when you learn how to inhabit your body according to its innate design and, thus, be in charge of how you feel.

As technological advances spread among cultures throughout the world, more and more people adapt their bodies to the ever-growing epidemic of slouching and/or the mistaken compensation of over-developed muscles that is so popular in the current fitness culture of the modern world.


I'm Kathleen Porter ~

Even as a massage therapist and yoga teacher for many years, I often experienced chronic tension and pain in my body.  

My life changed dramatically when I learned that I could arrange my own skeleton the way healthy babies and toddlers do when they figure out how to balance upright—first by sitting, then standing, and, finally, walking and running.

It's our natural, innate human design! Countless people in the world maintain this alignment for a lifetime but, sadly, far too many of us in the "modern world" lose this alignment at a young age.


I didn't learn this until I was 47 years old. Now, at age 76, I'm still reaping the benefits! Lucky for me when it comes to being able to spend quality time with friends and family and my oh-so-precious and lively grandchildren.

The day I began to inhabit my body more naturally, was the day I began to reverse certain patterns of premature aging (wrinkly skin excluded ; ) and while I certainly can't avoid natural aging, I've continued to enjoy enhanced flexibility (without stretching) solid strength (without working out) and an energetic vitality that serves me well every day. 

Since learning this, I've traveled to far away places, meeting and studying people who never lost what they learned as young children. I've written books, and taught classes, workshops and individual sessions, introducing these concepts to thousands of people.

I created this online course, Pain Free Living with Natural Posture, so that anyone, anywhere in the world (who understands English) can learn this, too, and I'm so grateful and honored to be able to share this with you. 

One of us is in this photo is 5,

and the other is 75.

"Her work, to me, has been personally transformative."


Kathleen Porter's observation of peoples around the world who retain their natural alignment, relaxation and movement is a clear window into the healing of the chronic pain syndromes of our culture. 

Leah Morton, M.D.

Santa Fe. NM 

Each module is a stepping stone

along this path of renewal.

(12 Modules delivered over 8 weeks)

  An Alignment Overview

It all begins with a brief overview of details of related to natural alignment, which is delivered at the same time as Module 2: Sitting.

     The Basics of Sitting

You'll be sitting pretty, and oh-so-comfortably, once know how to position your pelvis for supporting an upright spine

  Find Your Deepest Core

There's a ton of misunderstanding about our true core, but this will sort it out for you, once and for all. Your core is key to everything.

Neck & Shoulders Together

It's all about being a relationship, and like a happy couple, they each have to do their part. Without that, they both complain.

       More Ways to Sit 

Whether in a chair, on a couch, driving a car, or on the floor, here are tips to pull these off. You'll want to have some pillows on hand.

    Standing on Two Legs

You might be in line at the grocery store or waiting to  vote, once you know how it's done, you can even meditate while you wait.

          Support for                      What's Above

Feet are good at letting us know when we've strayed  from their natural design. It's not a quick fix, but it's the one you'll need 4ever.

     Bending is Pure Gold

This may come as a surprise, but bending is one of the most healing ways to transform your body, when you know how to do it.

Take Yourself for a Walk

Like bending, walking correctly does wonders for transforming unhelpful patterns of movement. So get out your leash ; )

Deep Resting & Renewal 

Whether lying down to rest or sleep for the night, relaxation is especially deep when your body aligns itself in a resting position.

      Mindfulness Is Key

Applying mindfulness to yourself as much as you can remember, is a key factor in your success with all of this.

     Resources and Tips 

Here's where you'll find a list of resources and some tips that provide support and help to keep you going.


Now there is ZERO PAIN!


I had never experienced back pain before, but now at the age of 75, I was suddenly experiencing a LOT of back pain that was only getting worse with each passing day.

I've known Kathleen and her work for many years, but quite frankly, I've resisted the instruction to bend by extending my butt out behind me, while keeping my back flat. I may have been influenced by certain ingrained and pretentious  "societal" standards that consider this undignified for women. But being "dignified" is meaningless when compared to being pain-free and bending the way our bodies are designed to do it.

Now when I bend to lift something heavy, there is zero pain! And my legs are stronger, too, since they are doing the heavy lifting, instead of muscles in my back being forced to strain.

 I cannot recommend this approach to natural living and moving highly enough.

Repositioning my bones brings an immediate feeling of relief and relaxation.


Now whenever I notice I'm stressed or in some unpleasant mood state, I check out my alignment. As a shrink, I ask myself if some of the symptoms my patients experience could be caused by the constant muscle tension of living in an unaligned body.

Daniela Gitlin, M.D.

Plattsburg, NY


Taking Kathleen’s Alignment Basics workshop changed my life.


At 67, I was experiencing neck, shoulder, and knee pain that worsened with age and seemed chronic. The pain melted away, along with what felt like a lifetime’s worth of stored tension.  I began performing life’s daily activities—bending, squatting, climbing stairs, reading in bed—in total comfort again.  

Martha Raglund

Portland, OR


The biomechanics of the course, coupled with her passion and grace made this the best!


Excellent! I encourage more courses from her for she inspires easy, wonderful learning.



John Metcalf, Ph.D., M.D.

Pittsburgh, PA

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"In spite of a lengthy yoga practice, I was still in pain."


Kathleen seemed to have a new approach, so I signed on. This has been the most valuable workshop I have ever taken, and I hope it will be repeated here at Omega next year. Everything immediately made sense and I have been feeling an enormous release from my chronic pain.

Nancy Cavenaugh

New York, NY

 "No surgery! Can you imagine?!"


 I am so grateful we were put in the     same place so I could benefit from         this pain-free way of living.

The depth and breadth of this presentation is by far the best I have    ever seen. You have mastered the art      of communicating the information.     Just by the common sense of its architecture, the body becomes the star! 

Mia Flato

Portland, OR


"I cried when I realized that I could feel better. "


After two back surgeries I was still in almost constant pain. I thought I was fated to be this way forever. I didn’t see much point in doing this because nothing else I had tried did much good, but my husband insisted after meeting Kathleen.

Kathleen showed me I could         straighten my spine and take pressure off areas of pain.

Tracy Maddox

Portland, OR



After years of studying various kinds of bodywork in order to correct my scoliosis, I’ve learned profound yet simple, easy to apply tools that have virtually relaxed my spine and posture almost overnight.

If this training was incorporated into public schools and yoga training, our society would discover a whole new comfort and ease with ourselves.

Sarah Smucker

Orville, OH

Kathleen's teaching is revolutionary. She states a case that could change the Western world (and should!)

The way she presents things is very inviting, comprehensive, and she never leaves a stone unturned. She is non-judgmental and answered every question with profound wisdom. Thank you!

Patra Conley

Portland, OR

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