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  • Free yourself from stiffness and pain. 
  • Gain enduring strength and easy flexibility.
  • Rediscover what you once knew as a baby and toddler.
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If you experience "unexplained" recurring pain OR you're concerned about your aging posture (who isn't? ) OR you're a health professional, yoga or fitness instructor and you wish to help empower your patients, clients, or students to overcome their own chronic pain, we provide tools to help you do this.

Learn How to Align Your Bones

This online course leads you through the how and why of naturally aligned human bones for maintaining enduring strength, easy flexibility, and overall pain-free good health in all activities of daily living.

Good news / bad news! The bad news is that fixing your posture is not a quick fix. It takes a bit of practice on your part. But here's the good news—it's not hard once you learn these basic rules for how to align your bones, and once you know how to sit, stand, bend, walk, lift, carry and even sleep, you'll be feeling great!


Books & Posture Aid Products

I've written books that detail principles of natural alignment that point the way "home" for both adults and children, at a time when so many of us are facing an epidemic of structural collapse.

I've also designed extra-small wedge-shaped cushions that help "park" the pelvis in the natural position that supports a relaxed, upright spine. They're small enough to fit in your bag and be taken along to the movies or a sporting event. Keep one in your car or take it on a plane.


Tune in to AlignNOW Podcast

Learning how to align my bones along the vertical axis  freed me from mountains of tension which I had held at bay by regular stretching. I went from being a longtime yoga teacher, unaware that I had become "addicted" to daily stretching, to being a seriously committed posture nerd. I've been at this ever since.

Tune in to the ongoing discussion of various aspects of our natural human design, and try it on yourself with simple explorations that bring these concepts to life inside your body.


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