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8 Minutes    /    © Kathleen Porter

Simply telling a child to sit or stand "up straight" doesn't provide the tools for knowing how to do this without unnecessary tension and strain. This video has been used in elementary classrooms to visually demonstrate to children the important role the pelvis plays in helping them sit easily and comfortably upright. It's a great introduction to the concept of healthy ways to sit, stand, and inhabit one's body in ways that feel good and work well. Children are captivated by details of how their bodies are designed to work! They light up with excitement at the idea that inside their skin, there's a living skeleton whose job it is to hold them up, while it's the job of their muscles to move their bones. It's a game changer for some of children when they understand this.


1 hour, 6 minutes    /    © Kathleen Porter

Born to Move puts a spotlight on innate neurodevelopmental movements that¬†are hard-wired into a baby's roadmap for how to instinctually build a thriving nervous system, construct a healthy and balanced musculoskeletal system, and establish a dynamic and powerful core that will stabilize the child's eventual uprightness throughout its lifetime. These tasks are all driven by and accomplished through physical movement‚ÄĒespecially unrestricted, belly-to-earth movement‚ÄĒmany times a day, beginning with Day One.¬†Born to Move raises questions about what role recent restriction of innate movement patterns plays in¬†the rise in developmental delays and neurological disorders in babies and young children.

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