These Hips are Made for Bending


Before we dive in and discuss how to keep your hips moving with ease, let’s take one quick minute to refresh our understanding of where the hip joints are located in the body.

Whether or not our hip joints function naturally or unnaturally matters much more than we know.

This is because of the important role our hips play in the everyday life of our body:

— serving as a primary weight-bearing joint;
— connecting the legs to the torso by way of the pelvis;

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Two Legs to Stand On

Read on to learn how to align your pillars of support.

Many young children make perfect role models of natural alignment because their bodies haven't yet taken on the poor postural habits of our modern culture. 

As a result, babies who develop throughout infancy with a minimum of interference with naturally unfolding neurodevelopmental movements figure out, on their own, how to inhabit their bodies according to Nature's rules.



No matter...

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👣 Meet your Feet

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The alignment of your feet is more important than you probably ever imagined!

As with any other architectural structure, let's start with the foundation and build upward.


The misaligned foot on the left illustrates the phrase, "caught flat-footed"—ill-prepared and not up to the job.

Our feet' purpose is to be the platform that supports us and our entire body. When all 26 bones in each foot are in their correct...

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AlignNOW Podcast: Episode #5 - Meet Your Feet

podcast Feb 06, 2020

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This episode breaks down natural alignment details of the foot, a masterpiece of engineering, designed to support an aligned body through the decades of our lifetime. Sadly, few people enjoy the benefits of having naturally aligned feet, which contributes to a long list of problems throughout the entire body. In this episode called Meet Your Feet, I guide you through a series of exercises for how to begin strengthening and...
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AlignNOW Podcast: Episode #4 - Relief & Success: Patra Conley's Story

podcast Dec 12, 2019

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I’ve never interviewed anyone before. This was fun and easy to do, because Patra Conley is someone I already know, and she loves to talk and share her thoughts and ideas, and she has a great sense of humor. Best of all, she is as big a fan of natural alignment as I am, having reaped many benefits from learning how to apply this to her own life.

Patra was living and working on the Big Island of Hawai'i when she had to stop working...

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AlignNOW Podcast: Episode #3 - Nature's Rules - As Old as the Hills

podcast Nov 24, 2019

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Nature's Rules - As Old as the Hills

Modern day posture and innate posture are very different. One is an adaptation that is contrived, while the other is just naturally as old as the hills.

This episode focuses on the relationship between old-as-the-hills Nature and its relationship with Science, which, it can be argued, always existed even before humans came along and discovered it. It's in these and countless other ways that Nature...
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AlignNOW Podcast: Episode #2 - How to Sit Like a Happy Dog

podcast Oct 18, 2019

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How to Sit Like a Happy Dog

Sad dogs tuck their tails between their legs, causing their spines to collapse and their backs to round. Happy dogs, on the other hand, wag their tails behind them, from a position that supports a naturally elongated and supple spine.

Dogs and people have very different anatomical designs, but Kathleen found this one analogy came in very handy when working with children, who could readily understand this...

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AlignNOW Podcast: Episode #1 - What the Heck is Good Posture, Anyway?

podcast posture Oct 02, 2019

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Truly good posture is not what we’ve all been taught.

Our society’s beliefs about posture are quite different from the natural posture that all healthy, well-developing babies, everywhere in the world, discover on their own when figuring out how to sit up, stand, and walk. More often than not, those people in the world who never lose the natural alignment that defines healthy posture, are likely to be free of pain,...

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