AlignNOW Podcast: Episode #5 - Meet Your Feet

podcast Feb 06, 2020

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This episode breaks down natural alignment details of the foot, a masterpiece of engineering, designed to support an aligned body through the decades of our lifetime. Sadly, few people enjoy the benefits of having naturally aligned feet, which contributes to a long list of problems throughout the entire body. In this episode called Meet Your Feet, I guide you through a series of exercises for how to begin strengthening and rebuilding your feet, along with a helpful and comprehensive visual summary you can download and refer to as a study guide.
You can also watch a short video about how newborn infants begin working their feet as soon as they make their appearance from the womb: 

And finally, here's a fascinating video that explains how arches work: 

Wishing you happy standing, walking, running, and dancing on your soon-to-be Happy Feet!

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