How I Went from a Workout and Stretching Addict to Being a Posture Nerd

interview journey posture Feb 07, 2022

My Journey from Painful to Pain-Free 

Recently, I had the happy pleasure of participating in the Living Pain-Free Naturally Summit hosted by Alexander Technique teacher Jenny Turpin, who is based in France.

The presenters were a varied collection of practitioners and experts in various fields, who Jenny gathered from around the world to discuss approaches to finding relief from chronic pain.

I’m posting the first segment of my interview, where Jenny asks how I came to be so...

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👣 Meet your Feet

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The alignment of your feet is more important than you may have ever imagined!

Let's start with the foundation and build upward, as with any other architectural structure.


The misaligned foot on the left illustrates the phrase "caught flat-footed"—ill-prepared and not up to the job.

Our feet's purpose is to be the platform that supports us and our entire body. When all 26 bones in each foot are aligned...

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AlignNOW Podcast: Episode #1 - What the Heck is Good Posture, Anyway?

podcast posture Oct 02, 2019

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Truly good posture is not what we’ve all been taught.

Our society’s beliefs about posture are quite different from the natural posture that all healthy, well-developing babies, everywhere in the world, discover on their own when figuring out how to sit up, stand, and walk. More often than not, those people in the world who never lose the natural alignment that defines healthy posture, are likely to be free of pain,...

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