These Hips are Made for Bending


Before we dive in and discuss how to keep your hips moving with ease, let’s take one quick minute to refresh our understanding of where the hip joints are located in the body.




Whether or not our hip joints function naturally or unnaturally matters much more than we know.

This is because of the important role our hips play in the everyday life of our body:

— serving as a primary weight-bearing joint;
— connecting the legs to the torso by way of the...

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Two Legs to Stand On


Read on to learn how to align your pillars of support.


Many young children make perfect role models of natural alignment because their bodies haven't yet taken on the poor postural habits of our modern culture. 

As a result, babies who develop throughout infancy with a minimum of interference with naturally unfolding neurodevelopmental movements figure out, on their own, how to inhabit their bodies according to Nature's rules.




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👣 Meet your Feet

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The alignment of your feet is more important than you may have ever imagined!

Let's start with the foundation and build upward, as with any other architectural structure.


The misaligned foot on the left illustrates the phrase "caught flat-footed"—ill-prepared and not up to the job.

Our feet's purpose is to be the platform that supports us and our entire body. When all 26 bones in each foot are aligned...

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