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Is chronic stiffness or pain wearing you down?

Have you noticed that even if you find relief from stretching and exercise, your discomfort always returns?

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Secrets to Finding Freedom from 

Chronic Stiffness and Pain

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I'm Kathleen Porter


Truly good posture is not what we've been taught.

It's easy, relaxed, and pain-free.

It's what healthy babies and toddlers discover all on their own. It's the human body's design. 

It can rescue you, once and for all, from experiencing recurring stiffness and pain.

As a yoga teacher and massage therapist many years ago, I still  experienced chronic pain in my body. 

I freed myself of pain and became more flexible and genuinely strong when I stopped stretching and working out. Instead, I inhabited my body according to its innate design—the way all well-developing toddlers do.

This approach really works—and I can show you how it's done!

Stiffness and pain are not natural features of aging. They are features of misalignment!

Now that I've been putting natural alignment principles into practice for thirty years, I've gradually become a role model for what aging can look like. But don't wait too long! You're never too old to experience improvement, but moving with natural ease becomes more challenging to achieve, the older and stiffer you become.


You can learn how to inhabit your body with the same comfort and ease Nature designed for each of us. Knowing this will change your life forever.

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"As a family physician treating my share of patients with back pain, neck pain, osteoporosis and dysfunctional labor . . .  Kathleen's work, to me, has been personally transformative."

                                               Leah Morton, M.D.

"Kathleen's Alignment Basics workshop changed my life! At 67, I was experiencing neck, shoulder, and knee pain that worsened with age and seemed chronic. The pain melted away, along with what felt like a lifetime’s worth of stored tension. I began performing life’s daily activities—bending, stooping, climbing stairs, reading in bed—in total comfort again. Thank you, Kathleen!"

Martha Ragland
Portland, OR

"Excellent!! The biomechanics of the course, coupled with her passion and grace made this the best! I encourage more courses from her for she inspires learning and promotes Omega goals and philosophy."

John Metcalf, Ph.D. M.D.
Pittsburg, PA

"This was a very enjoyable and rewarding course, conducted with grace, wit and good will. I have learned from insights generously shared. I would gladly come back again! Thank you!"

L. Blokar
Orville, OH

"My husband is thrilled that I don’t bug him for neck massages every day like I used to. Since learning how to stack up my bones, a lot of tension that I experienced on a daily basis is gone! And whenever I start getting tense or sore, I just stop and take the time to notice where I’ve gone astray and can almost always bring myself back to being comfortable again. Thank you many times over!"

Lynnette Holzer
Keaau, HI

"Just the sleeping exercises alone have helped so much. I wake up in the morning with no neck pain! Even my regular headaches have been helped by this new way of sleeping. On top of that, my knock knees (not as knocked anymore!) don’t hurt now when I walk down steps and my back feels better. If I have to stand for a long time, I can do it without my back hurting."

J.D. Goldman
Vancouver, BC

"I have experienced a number of body work modalities but in this workshop I learned numerous new and/or better ways to maintain a healthy musculo-skeletal system into old age. I highly recommend this workshop for everyone."

Ann Ostling
Queens, NY

"I signed up for this workshop because in spite of a lengthy yoga practice I was still in pain. Kathleen seemed to have a new approach, so I signed on. This has been the most valuable workshop I have ever taken, and I hope it will be repeated next year. Everything immediately made sense and I have been feeling an enormous release from my chronic pain."

Nancy Cavanaugh

Are you ready to return home to being a natural human body?


Join the parade to pain-free living!

  • Free yourself from stiffness and pain.

  • Gain enduring strength and easy flexibility.

  • Rediscover what you once knew as a baby and toddler.

"Never before in the world of fitness has there been a more readable, ground-breaking, or seminal book than Natural Posture for Pain-Free Living. Through this revolutionary book, Kathleen Porter is about to rock your world!"

                                                                                 Jean Couch, Founder and Director of the Balance Center and Coauthor of         The Runner's Yoga Book

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Our bones are the framework of support for our bodies, much like the wall studs and beams of a house. Yet the alignment of the skeleton along the vertical axis of gravity is largely overlooked today, even by fitness experts and yoga teachers. In a culture of cocked hips, sauntering models, and slouching TV watchers, where “chin up, shoulders back, stomach in” is believed to be good posture, we have forgotten what healthy alignment looks and feels like—leading to chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain for millions. This book presents the natural alternative that it provides.

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