AlignNOW Podcast: Episode #1 - What the Heck is Good Posture, Anyway?

podcast posture Oct 02, 2019

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Truly good posture is not what we’ve all been taught.

Our society’s beliefs about posture are quite different from the natural posture that all healthy, well-developing babies, everywhere in the world, discover on their own when figuring out how to sit up, stand, and walk. More often than not, those people in the world who never lose the natural alignment that defines healthy posture, are likely to be free of pain, while also enjoying solid, bone deep strength and easy flexibility for a whole lifetime.

In this first episode of AlignNOW, Kathleen Porter introduces the alignment concepts that have defined her own life since she first learned this information nearly twenty-five years ago. She guides each listener through an individual exploration of three distinct ways of inhabiting the body—collapsed, over-corrected, and the relaxed comfort and strength at the center of our physical being.

Kathleen opens up about her own journey, which led her from being a massage therapist and yoga teacher who was addicted to stretching on an almost daily basis, who, at almost age 50, was introduced to concepts of the body’s natural design. Changing course from active stretching to inhabiting her body more naturally all day long, she is now a 73-year-old “posture nerd,” who lives (relatively) pain-free and moves with far greater ease than she did decades ago. She is living proof that it’s never too late to make changes to improve one’s posture and overall wellbeing.



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