AlignNOW Podcast: Episode #2 - How to Sit Like a Happy Dog

podcast Oct 18, 2019

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How to Sit Like a Happy Dog

Sad dogs tuck their tails between their legs, causing their spines to collapse and their backs to round. Happy dogs, on the other hand, wag their tails behind them, from a position that supports a naturally elongated and supple spine.

Dogs and people have very different anatomical designs, but Kathleen found this one analogy came in very handy when working with children, who could readily understand this concept and apply it easily to themselves.

Episode 2 of AlignNOW breaks down some basic details about the role of the pelvis in supporting an aligned, upright spine, and guides listeners through a step-by-step experience of moving from slouched collapse, to the common over-corrected stance (which so often passes for “good” posture in our part of the world, to the relaxed, comfortable and genuinely strong center that is built in to our human design.


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