AlignNOW Podcast: Episode #4 - Relief & Success: Patra Conley's Story

podcast Dec 11, 2019

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I’ve never interviewed anyone before. This was fun and easy to do, because Patra Conley is someone I already know, and she loves to talk and share her thoughts and ideas, and she has a great sense of humor. Best of all, she is as big a fan of natural alignment as I am, having reaped many benefits from learning how to apply this to her own life.

Patra was living and working on the Big Island of Hawai'i when she had to stop working due to the pain she was experiencing in her neck and shoulders. She subsequently moved to Portland, Oregon, to explore other work opportunities.

In this episode she tells her story about how learning about principles of natural alignment took her from early 'retirement' back to being able to resume here career as a massage therapist.

After Patra learned principles of natural alignment and began to apply them to how she inhabited her body and moved in the course of her daily activities, big changes took place that led to a transformation in her life. In time, she was able to return to work as a massage therapist, as well as enjoying hiking and playing music without difficulty or pain.

The visual summary handout that can be downloaded with this episode at 4 includes some great photos of Patra “before” and “after” her transformation, which she was kind enough to share with us.



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