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I take the wedge with me everywhere! It fits ...

I take the wedge with me everywhere! It fits in my purse or bag, and I use it in meetings and when sitting at my desk. It provides just enough lift to alleviate pressure off my back. I'm not nearly as sore when getting up, and I sit for hours at a time.


The Wedge works for my patients and my family

I have used the wedge for a few patients in the past couple of weeks and have gotten great feedback from these three women regarding back pain. One woman in particular was having radiating pain down the back of her leg while driving. Sitting on the Wedge in the car immediately took this pain away. I also use the wedge at home with my family. For the first time, we are able to get our young kids to sit at the table without slouching on their elbows or constantly squirming. Great, simple product!


 A wonderful product!

This was my second one. The first one I gave to my son in law, after he tried it. He has a bad back, and sits at a desk all the time! It's working! Bought a second one, and ended up giving that one away to a friend I was visiting, who had hip replacement that left one leg shorter than the other. She was AMAZED how it helped her !

Thank you! Will be ordering another one!


Use it every day

This is a great thing to get me sitting up straighter. It's sturdy and tough, and makes me a bit sore. I suppose that's probably the point as I've been slumping for many years.


Sit better with this little wedge!

Wow this little wedge helps me sit better. I'd recommend it for anyone!


Very helpful

I use this daily at work and it is very very helpful for my aching back. I still have some days when I'm stiff but a lot less since purchasing this wedge for my work chair.


Five Stars

about to travel out of the country and this fits neatly into my suite case!


love it, couldn't drive a car anymore with my ...

love it, couldn't drive a car anymore with my back. I tried many very costly cushions made for back, none worked. This is perfect, I own 3

for my cars, work and even purchased for other people.


Back pain

Works wonder for my lower back pain!


Five Stars

Works like a champ!


GREAT product

I have been using the Wedge for over a year as I sit in front of a computer screen for 10 hours or more each day. The Wedge has helped eliminate back pain and acts as a reminder of the importance of a healthy spinal alignment. I like that I can take it with me too. It is a super product and I do not notice any wear after sitting on it for somewhere around 4,000 hours. Hard to beat such a portable and important device…


A great product for sitting with ease

I have taken posture classes with Jean Couch at Balance center in Palo Alto, and learned the importance of "parking" the pelvis. However, for me to sit comfortably with an aligned spine requires some prop. Among the many props I have tried, the Wedge is by far the best. I use it to sit at the table, in the car or on a bench. It is very portable and provides great support. For the Wedge to be most beneficial, please do follow the instruction or watch Kathleen Porter's video "How to Use the Wedge for Comfortable, Pain-free Sitting" at


If you sit at your desk a lot

Love it and have been sharing it with people I work with. It really helps my back! I totally recommend this item for anyone who sits at a desk.

I have no doubt that this cushion doesn't work for some but I have the feeling others giving it poor reviews aren't / didn't use it correctly. You don't really SIT on this cushion (and cushion probably isn't even the right word for this product) it really does work as a wedge to angle your pelvis properly. I found the idea of thinking of it as a door stop very helpful - it just goes under the back of your butt.

The wedge has saved me when driving but (as expected) is of little when used on a softer surface such as a couch or recliner.


Tailbone saver!

Tailbone saver! I'm 7 1/2 months pregnant and was having a lot of pain in my tailbone from sitting in my office chair all day. Pain to the point that I had to stand up veeerrrryyyyyy slllloooooowwwwwly to minimize the pain as much as was possible. My chiropractor recommended this, and it has made chair-sitting possible again! I can stand up without fear of pain, and my coworkers don't look at me with deep concern whenever I stand up. It's also a great posture support and I will definitely be using it after my pregnancy.


Five Stars

Excellent for my work desk. I would recommend.


The Wedge - Lumbar Support / Back Support Cushion - GREAT

I practice restorative exercises and Iyengar Yoga. I discovered how great your back feels when your sitting bones are down. The wedge helps me and reminds me to make the adjustments every time I sit. I am a big fan. You may not find the right position right away if you do not know what you are supposed to do. Do not hesitate to look at the video on the naturalposturesolutions website, to get more information.


Pain relief for sitting

I purchased The Wedge after reading the excellent book, Natural Posture Relief for Pain-Free Living by Kathleen Porter. This is a simple, easy to use product that made a difference in my leg and back pain on the first day that I had it. Although I understood the concept of anchoring the pelvis for postural alignment, this Wedge makes it effortless and gives me the support I need to sit without pain for long periods. The size is not too large to tuck into my handbag/tote bag and I won't travel without it. There is also good support information for the Wedge available online.



Neat little wedge to help in sitting up straight. I have two: one in my favorite chair & one in my car seat. Well packed & promptly shipped. Thank You.


Works great

Wow. Great product. It really gets you sitting up straight.


GREAT for lower back/shoulder pain !

This little wedge was the solution for eliminating the lower back and shoulder pain I was getting from sitting long hours at my computer and on an airplane ! It's very well made(in the USA),small enough to easily carry on an airplane, and because of it's black cover and size, it's unobtrusive sitting on your desk chair. It's also extremely comfortable to sit on for long hours IF you follow the instructions about 'walking' up onto the edge of the wedge.


Five Stars

Excellent product!!


Five Star

This is a wonderful small tool I use at my desk for work.


This Cushion Has Your Back

Simple, but effective. I'm quite frequently sitting on Church pews during to watch my wife's two hour long orchestra performances. I used this during the last show - and long gone was the pain and stiffness one usually gets when they first stand-up after sitting for so long. This little cushion allowed me to sit without harming my lower back. I keep mine in the car so I can use it where ever I sit!


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