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Natural Posture for Pain-Free Living


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As a result I enjoy life a lot more

A book that has changed my life. At the age of 70, I can still learn to align my body the way it was designed, and as a result enjoy life a lot more.


This is a great book.

In the past I have seen numerous physiotherapists and chiropractors but this book is more valuable than any of them. The author has done a great job sharing the information she has.


well written

The author really explains things about the human structure in useful ways. I am feeling much better by following her instructions and am hoping to totally avoid the hip replacement my doctor thinks i will need. Also the book is written in a very readable way that makes me want to keep reading.


This is an amazing book. I learned so much about posture plus ...

This is an amazing book. I learned so much about posture plus saw and felt changes right away. Everyone should read this book, the sooner the better.


Great Book! I learnt a lot and I have ...

Great Book! I learnt a lot and I have been studying physical therapy, Pilates etc for many years.
Good practical suggestions and also good pictures.


You'll think about your posture after this!

I read this and shared it with my four daughters, I thought it was invaluable.


Excellent Resource

This is an exceptional book, and an exceptional resource available for laypeople and professionals alike. It is very well researched, with extraordinary photographs taken all over the world to demonstrate the points the author is making - that our posture is much more important than most people give it credit for. The implications are far reaching, including health, physical abilities ( and disabilities), mental and even spiritual attitudes towards life. The points Ms. Porter makes should be introduced to med school students, physical and occupational therapists, massage therapists, parents, teachers, and even children. In short, it has invaluable information in it, in a very easy to access manner ( with many many photographs and illustrations) that make it worthwhile for everyone.


Buy This Book!

I recommend this book to everyone who is interested in good health.
It is filled with excellent research material, beautiful graphics, and very useful lessons that can change your life.


Well written. Easy to read with pictures which make this book a valuable resource.

Excellent book. I keep it in my office and recommend it to my clients.


Valuable information

This is a good book with lots of great pictures and useful information for any person who wants to align his or her body for better health and well-being.


Five Stars

Great book and makes me realize how important correct posture is. and it isn't what you were told!


Good, readable information.

Good information in a helpful format. I am much more conscious of my posture and my back pain has diminished.


Terrific Book!

This is Kathleen Porter's best book yet. It is clearly written and beautifully illustrated. This book is the perfect choice for anyone who is seeking advice and instruction in correct physical alignment.


Best book on Posture that I have read -- and ...

Best book on Posture that I have read -- and I have taught and studied yoga for 18 years. Do what is in this book and change your life. Many of my yoga students have!


Must read posture book.

Good book to learn the tricks for good posture.East to read and understand. Will refer back to this one over and over again.


Highly recommended. Worth your time.

Highly recommend. Worth of your time to read it. I find myself being less tired at the end of the day when consciously making the effort to correct my posture.


I recommend this book to them for its comments on newborn ...

This book is wonderful--a gift to humankind, and particularly to those of us in the U.S. with our perverted postures. It is well-written and is filled with pictures which make abundantly clear the points she is making. Hopefully this book will get many more readers who understand, at last, that posture is not what they were taught and that posture has MUCH more to do with health and pain-free well-being than they ever supposed. I am not a Mom, but I recommend this book to them for its comments on newborn "posture" and also car seats--invaluable information for getting a good start on a healthy life. Wish I had had this book when I was much younger and much earlier in my now 16 years of serious back problems. As it is Porter had to self-publish the first edition because editors were telling her people would not be interested in books on posture. (That's because we have this really screwed up idea of what posture is and its relevance to our health. Highly recommend this book.


 Practical Advice that Works

I was afraid this book would be a "new age" or "spiritual" take on posture. But it actually provides very solid instruction on "alignment" by focusing on your bones and how they work together to support the body. The books is helping me deal much more effectively with a herniated disk and the resulting sciatica. I live part time in Asia and I'm not sure I agree with the author that third world nations have better natural posture. But the information on how to properly sit, stand, rest, and move continues to be helpful to me. I would encourage anyone suffering from sciatica or back pain to read it.


 One of the BEST books on helping improve your health with changing your Posture alone!

This is one of the BEST books I have read in years and I also took her classes! Changed my life! I have learned how to SIT properly so my back no longer hurts at my desk AND with some pillows in the car (keeping me tilted forward and back straight) and even sleeping correctly. Most of us have been taught wrong. Hold shoulders back, chest out, military style, which actually pushes your ribs against your chest creating less room for your lungs to breathe. Most people also slouch when at rest, against collapsing the chest area and allowing less room for a full inhale and exhale. She was originally researching why people around the world, many smaller then us, living longer, could carry hundreds and hundreds of pounds on their heads way into their 60's and 70's. What was the secret? It is ALL about POSTURE. When you stand, walk, sit the way your body was Designed, the body can carry tremendous weights, because it was designed to do so! Look at a baby and see how Straight their backs remain when bending over to pick something up. See how their toes are curled grabbing the ground when they walk. These people in senior years have the same straight backs as a baby, the same curled toes! There are not words to express how much I appreciate this book and the class!! We also watched videos of Hawaiian dancers whose posture is just as she shares in this book, straight back. I Love this book and it did Transform my life and continues to do so and as I learn to Implement more of what she teaches!


Learn to align your body properly; regain your balance

Natural posture is the perfect complement to Gokhale's 8-steps to a pain free back. Whereas Gokhale is best for its 'native' pictures, this book puts words of explanation concerning the importance of aligned bones for the human body which are both thorough and down-to-earth, perfect for the layman. I had a foot issue [bunion, misalignment etc]; the book showed a picture of my feet exactly, gave a clear explanation how to proceed to rectify their condition and, to my delight, when I followed her simple instructions, I had results almost instantly. Previously, my balance for walking either in or out of the house was beyond precarious. I now seem to know how to walk without fear of constant falling. I continue to work with her suggestions but those results have helped my whole body. I obviously had no clue about alignment of the body [shoulder, hip, knee, ankle] until I went through all this with her in this book. If balance is your issue, take the time to read through this book; you might be as happy as I am with the results it'll give you.


Tremendous help with chronic pain. 

I broke my ankle over a year and a half ago and two surgeries as a result. Between my accident and the surgeries I spent a lot of time on my back with my leg elevated. After my ankle was healed and I resumed my regular activities I was bothered my an almost constant deep pain in my hamstrings. I could not find a comfortable position to sit or lie in, so I would end up standing to read, watch TV, or work on the computer. I discerned that the unnatural position that I had spent so much time recovering in had caused my body to compensate in a way that was now causing me pain. I read the reviews of over fifteen books that might be helpful for me and I choose this one. I am so happy that I did! This book is incredibly empowering. Kathleen Porter is not claiming to have invented a new method of inhabiting one's body. She invites the reader to remember what the natural alignment of childhood feels like. Her book is filled with easy to follow instructions for achieving and maintaining natural alignment throughout the course of the day. The many illustrations and photos are extremely helpful. I have tried to follow the chin up, chest out, tucked pelvis example of posture for over fifty years. It was very enlightening to see how this has negatively impacted the entire balance of my body. A happy coincidence is that I discovered that Kathleen has a practice in Portland, OR, which is where I live. I hope to take classes with her soon, although I want to stress that the book is so well written that natural alignment can be put into practice without any special instruction. I am finally free from my chronic leg pain.


very informative

I am adapting some of the suggestions from the book into my own life and already feel that it is making a difference. I would recommend this to anyone having any body aches and pains including ones that have been diagnosed. I think it can help most.
it may help to reduce the need for pharmaceuticals. 


A healthy straight spine

This is a must-read book for everyone. We have all learned poor posture because of a simple tipping of the tailbone in. This is causing extreme health problems for the entire western world, from back aches and injuries, to poor breathing, prolapse and more. It's a terrible thing to have to endure when learning to sit and stand correctly is so easy.


specific enough to be quite useful. I have found in it solutions I have ...

The book gives you practical advice, specific enough to be quite useful. I have found in it solutions I have been looking for probably 30 years.
The solutions wer quite simple. One example is the statement that most of the weight of the body lies on the pelvis, the angle of which determines one's posture, movements, etc. Most surprising was that the muscles controllng the pelvis also affect your voice, since the production of the voice depends much on the natural posture of the body. i am grateful for this book.


Even if you have been exercising for years like I have

Even if you have been exercising for years like I have, there is so much to learn from this book.



This book was different than I expected. I am pleased with this book. The detailed information and pictures has helped change my thinking and approach to healing back pain simply by thinking about my posture and how my feet contact the ground. Very interesting!


Most important thing to start with! If the spine ...

Most important thing to start with! If the spine is not aligned we have pain. This shows how we can sit, stand and walk with ease and be pain free.


A helpful book

Beautiful illustrations. I like the buzzwords of "sad dog" and "power button." Very helpful for helping my posture.


Provocative approach and useable information

This is a good book with lots of great pictures and useful information for any person who wants to align his or her body for better health and well-being.


Five Stars

Great book and makes me realize how important correct posture is. and it isn't what you were told!


Good, readable information.

Good information in a helpful format. I am much more concious of my posture and my back pain has diminished.


It's Simple

Well written, clear and concise instruction on alignment, well illustrated, easy to understand and inclusive of a wide range of situations.

Everyone should read this book.


Endorsements of Natural Posture for Pain-Free Living Book


“Kathleen Porter’s eloquent photojournalism adds powerful, persuasive impact to her message about the relationship between dynamic structural alignment and health of body and mind. The chapters about children, pregnancy, and fitness should be required reading for all parents and physicians.”

Mary Bond, author of The New Rules of Posture and movement faculty chair at the Rolf Institute

“As a family physician treating my share of patients with back pain, neck pain, osteoporosis, and dysfunctional labor, I find this book instructive. Kathleen Porter’s observation of peoples around the world who retain their natural alignment, movement, and relaxation is a clear window into the healing of the chronic pain syndromes of our culture. More than that, her work has been personally transformative.” 

Leah Morton, M.D., family practitioner

“Never before in the world of fitness has there been a more readable, groundbreaking, or seminal book than Natural Posture for Pain-Free Living. Through this revolutionary book, Kathleen Porter is about to rock your world!” 

Jean Couch, founder and director of the Balance Center and coauthor of The Runner’s Yoga Book


In Natural Posture for Pain-Free Living, Kathleen Porter powerfully portrays the extensive damage we do to our bodies when we lose connection to natural principles of body alignment. Rather than looking to surgery, medication, and infinite exercise technologies to find freedom from discomfort and pain, we need only learn to stand, sit, walk, and move the way we did as young children when we learned organically to let our bones support us. Porter offers an abundance of useful tools for returning to our natural wisdom and greater body fluidity.”

Ingrid Bacci, Ph.D., author of The Art of Effortless Living and Effortless Pain Relief

“This updated second edition is an instructive, comprehensive look at how we move unconsciously in ways that cause our bodies pain and injury. Kathleen Porter, who directs the Center for Natural Alignment in Portland, Oregon explains through photographs and exercises the ways a supple spine can help remedy much of what ails our stiff bones.”

Joshunda Sanders, Spirituality & Health, July 2013

“The book is amazingly understandable, beautifully designed for maximum ease of use, and contains lots of documentation that justifies Porter’s claims. I happened to be struggling with a knee strain when I read it, and applying a simple change to my stance, per Porter’s instructions, brought instant improvement.”

Anna Jedrziewski, Retailing Insight, August 2013

“Guidelines for daily activities including sitting, walking, sleeping, and safe yoga practice fill this user-friendly reference and resource. This helps the practitioner ease chronic muscle tension, combats chronic neck/shoulder/back pain, and improve everyday life. Color photographs enhance this thoroughly accessible guide, highly recommended to readers of all walks of life.” 

Library Book Watch, September 2013

“Kathleen Porter’s book is a great companion for teaching for many other modalities, but I found her information exceptionally beneficial in regard to the active meditations I teach. Movement is obviously important, but conscious movement is not as obvious for most people.”

Dhara Lemos, Lotus Guide, November 2013

“‘I believe, barring accidents, most orthopedic surgeries could be avoided if the body’s natural alignment is never lost in the first place,’ Porter says. Natural Posture for Pain-Free Living provides a blueprint for returning to that state of nature.”

Lisa James, Energy Times, November 2013








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