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Tools that Teach Your Body How to Move and Sit Upright with Comfort and Ease




Teaches HOW to sit in the natural human design that all healthy babies and toddlers around the world discover, all on their own! 
Supports a solidly upright spine, so that straining muscles can relax and be free of tension. 
Take it along anywhere! The Wedge is made of heavy-duty, non-skid fabric and filled with recycled rubber “sand.”

The Wedge™

The little cushion that will save your back!
Often eliminates back, neck, shoulder, hip and sciatic pain. Provides relief from chronic back pain relief while sitting. Prevents numbness from sitting for long periods of time. Angles pelvis so there is no pressure on bruised or fractured coccyx or tailbone. Available in black or tan.


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Questions? See below.

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"Sit on the Wedge" video

Travel Wedge™

A lightweight, portable back support perfect for travel by car, airplane or train! 
Can also be used in your car, for desk work, watching a movie, attending a concert of sporting event. It’s small enough to take with you wherever you go. Special instructions for other applications are included with purchase of Travel Wedge.

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COMFY Shoulder Band™

A friendly hand on your back!

Comfy Shoulder Band places your shoulders in a naturally aligned position that allows muscles to relax. When following the directions, it also engages your “core,” those muscles in the abdomen and back that support your torso and allow your shoulders to release chronic tension and pain.

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Answers to Questions About The Wedge

Both the regular Wedges and the Travel Wedges are the same size — 12" x 6" X 2" (at highest point). Both are covered with the same heavy-duty, non-skid fabric.  

The difference is in the weight and the material used for filling. 

The Travel Wedge is filled with buckwheat hulls, making it only 10 ounces in weight and thus ideal for taking on trips or out and about to restaurants or movies and such. 

The Wedge and the Tan Wedge are filled with recycled rubber "sand" from tires. Some people have expressed a sensitivity to the small of the rubber, but in our experience, most people don't notice it, and when they do, it usually fades relatively quickly. We tried various fills for the more heavy duty version, and have found the rubber fill works best.

Both the rubber sand and the buckwheat are purchased here on the West Coast, and the Wedges are sewn for us here in Portland, Oregon. We would be able to have them made for less elsewhere, such as China, and therefore sell them for less, as well, but we are committed to having them made here in the U.S.


Most wedge-shaped cushions on the market accommodate the poor sitting habit of sitting on a "tucked" pelvis, like a sad dog that tucks its tail between its legs. This way of sitting is most often at the root of the pain that people experience on their tail bone (coccyx) as well back pain and sciatica.

Our Wedges are designed to "park" your pelvis in the natural anterior position that all healthy, well-developing babies in the world discover on their own—it's the innate human design! When the pelvis is in this position, the tailbone is no where near the sitting surface. 

Please follow the instructions on the wrapper carefully in order to get the correct benefits from using a Wedge.

We've learned from experience that  when the Wedge is not comfortable, it is often a matter of the instructions not being fully understood or followed as closely as they need to be.

Please watch the instructional video that can be accessed via the link on the inside of the wrapper that comes with the Wedge.

It helps to think of this not as a cushion you sit fully on top of, but as a "door stop" type wedge that slides in from behind you, in order to tip your pelvis forward a bit. 

Of course, when dealing with some back pain issues and their various causes, we cannot guarantee that the Wedge will work for you. This is why you have 30-days to try it out with a full-refund if it doesn't suit you. 


Natural Posture for Pain-Free Living: The Practice of Mindful Alignment

“As a family physician treating my share of patients with back pain, neck pain, osteoporosis, and dysfunctional labor, I find this book instructive. Kathleen Porter’s observation of peoples around the world who retain their natural alignment, movement, and relaxation is a clear window into the healing of the chronic pain syndromes of our culture. More than that, her work has been personally transformative.” 

Leah Morton, M.D., family practitioner

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Healthy Posture for Babies and Children

Tools for Helping Children Sit, Stand, and Walk Naturally

" . . . a must read for everyone who cares about children. This book is an eye-opening godsend."
                                                  Christiane Northrup, M.D.

"This book is a treasure—beautiful, practical, and inspiring."                                          Sonia Story, Founder of Move, Play, Thrive

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